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The Three R's Foundation through the American Vivekananda Academy proposes to implement the Super Accelerated Learning Theory model that has been piloted since 1990, and is now affiliated with University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The American Vivekananda Academy model allows for all of our students to complete four years of college while being part of the high school system and to spend a semester studying in a different country or a different school. Our model calls for students to work for two years in each of seven multi-age levels as follows:
  Baal Bharati Two Year Program  
(Age of admission - 3 years old, age of graduation - 5 years old)
This is a unique kindergarten program that develops the seven intelligences of the child as proposed by Dr. Howard Gardner and the additional two as explored by Pandit Ramsamooj, "SKILLMISS" as described below:(SKILLMISS)
S Spatial and Space Orientation
K - Kinesthetics
I - Interpersonal
L - Language
L - Logics and Mathematics
      M - Music  
I - Intrapersonal - Gardner
S - Self-restraint
S - Spiritual affinity
Studies have shown that students who go to preschools that simply function as daycares with no real programs, tend to be aggressive and violent. The SALT program allows them to be focused, disciplined, caring, sharing, and compassionate.
Level I:

Level I: Primary School - Grades 1, 2, 3, and 4, with the ability to be tested into Level II after two full years. Completion of elementary school curriculum in reading, writing and arithmetic. Graduation age 7.

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