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Aims and Objective
The goal of the Three R's Foundation is to establish schools modeled on the Super Accelerated Learning Theory (SALT) developed by Pandit Ramadheen Ramsamooj, for students in kindergarten though college, granting diplomas and degrees to students nationally and internationally.

The 3R Foundation will:
  • Set up the 3R Examination Council (TRXC) which will provide assessments and evaluation tools, along with examinations and tests for students from kindergarten to college in a variety of disciplines and to award diplomas and degrees on completion of each of the levels of competencies described in the SALT model.

  • Work in tangent with academic institutions such as the Institute of Holistic Health, American Vivekananda Academy, East Indian Music Academy, Vivekananda College and University and other educational entities with similar philosophies.

  • Develop instructional materials for the students of the Pandit Ramsamooj S.A.L.T. school model.

  • Affiliate with the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Center for Indic Studies and other institutes of higher learning in the promotion of the 3R Foundation's educational philosophy, purpose, and educational model.

  • Work to set up scholarship funds to help underprivileged students irrespective of their ability to pay tuition.

  • Print, publish, and use any form of media such as newsletters, text books, magazines, newspapers, film, video, radio, etc. on Holistic Education, health, yoga, science, math, music, philosophy or any discipline that is in keeping with the aims and objectives of the organization.

  • Organize workshops, seminars, camps, and other forums for the certification and development of the SALT educational model.

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